Welcome to Divine International University

Divine international University Originates from the foundations of the United Pentecostal Churches international.
Its commencement started in 2020. Its Registered by the (NCHE) as a fully fledged and Independent Institution
following the Request from the Management it was directed to have its headquarters at Kahungabunyonyi and direct all its
operations within Fort Portal Tourism City. The management of Divine international University centres its cores from the Doctrines of the United Pentecostal Churches International whence it derives its Legacy of christian Moral values.

Divine International University is proud of the various values together with the vast infrustructure of the united Pentecostal
Churches International which exist in Fort Portal Municipality, Land in Mubende Municipal Council, Mbarara Municipality and
in Masaka District all which are open for her expansion of the study centres as it may deem necessary.

DIU is located in Kahungabunyonyi-Fortportal city, Uganda- East Africa